Local delivery app keeping hospitality workers employed

A food delivery app originally created to service a small Adelaide Hills community outside the Uber zone is now expanding to help South Australian hospitality businesses cope with the impact of COVID-19.

Restaurant Runner was launched in November 2019 by Che and Rebecca Zahra to service their small Adelaide Hills Community.

COVID-19 is having a huge impact on the hospitality industry, with many businesses temporarily closing their doors.

My Kingdom For a Horse owner Emily Raven approached Che and Rebecca to see if they would consider bringing Restaurant Runner into the CBD, and the café has run its takeaway through the app since Saturday.

When the app first launched Che and Rebecca were supplying the drivers for the app, regardless of which restaurant an order was made to, but in order to expand (as they may need to if more restaurants sign on), they came up with an idea to benefit the participating restaurant – using their staff as delivery drivers.

Restaurant Runner, like Uber Eats, takes a commission on each order.
For restaurants using their own staff as drivers on Restaurant Runner, the commission rate is 13%, and for Adelaide Hills restaurants using Che and Rebecca’s drivers the rate is 22%.

The immediate future of Adelaide’s hospitality industry is still uncertain. The restaurants and cafés who have opted to offer takeaway meals won’t know for sure that it will be enough to keep them open. If you’re a café or restaurant owner and you want to join Restaurant Runner, contact Hannah Brydges on 0409 968 989 or via email: