What We Do

Growing Regional Productivity

Our aim:

To ensure the region’s productivity and liveability are unhindered by a lack of appropriate public infrastructure.

What we will do:


  • Undertake a review of progress against the recommendations of the 2019 RDA Public Transport Study
  • Advocate with state government, DIT and SAPTA for increased funding for public transport in the region

Performance Measures

  • Completion of South Coast public transport survey
  • Publication of the Public Transport Scorecard
  • Advocacy with state government


  • Work with stakeholders to increase Kangaroo Island housing

Performance Measures

  • KI bushfire recovery housing projects operational
  • Parndana housing development has a committed developer on board and sub-division development approvals are lodged


  • Ensure understanding of industry freight needs
  • Progress a business case for the Southern Freight Route
  • Advocate for improved freight routes in and impacting the region

Performance Measures

  • Advice provided to DIT and other stakeholders
  • Southern Freight Route business case is progressed with SHLGA
  • Advocacy is provided for infrastructure solutions in high-demand locations

Enhancing Regional
Innovation & Preparedness
Strengthening Our Most Competitive Industry Sectors
Connecting Region
and Government