RDA AHFKI Donation to ITShare SA

Earlier this year, we upgraded our computer equipment and donated it to ITShare - a local company doing fantastic things with used IT hardware.

Steve Shotton (RDA AHFKI) donating laptops to Ian Paschke (ITShare)

A second lease of life for old computer hardware

Computers have become a critical part of our lives, with more and more organisations requiring digital tools to access information and services.

ITShare is an organisation run by volunteers who help to minimise digital waste by accepting older computer hardware that might otherwise be discarded and end up in landfill.  After ensuring hard drives have been wiped completely clean, they refurbish and reuse components to create “new” systems, and do everything they can to recycle anything that is unusable.

Once they’ve rebuilt a computer, they load it with a free operating system and open-source software. This allows them to offer working computers at a low cost to people on fixed incomes, or from disadvantaged situations, who may not otherwise be able to afford to purchase a computer through a traditional retail outlet.

Supporting this great initiative

ITShare obtain a lot of their computers from businesses, government agencies and other organisations who upgrade their hardware. However, individuals are also more than welcome to donate their used hard-drives, laptops and other computer parts.

Earlier this year, the RDA AHFKI office upgraded the laptops and computer hardware, including monitors and keyboards used by our team. Rather than seeing these end up in landfill, we donated it all to ITShare SA to help reduce our waste and give others the opportunity to access affordable computer equipment.

Ian was quite excited to receive our laptops. Being quite modern and light, he thought they would be perfect for students. It’s fantastic to know they will continue to be put to excellent use!

Visit the ITShare website to find out how you can donate, become a recipient of an ITShare refurbished computer, or volunteer to help continue their great work.