Mobile coverage set to be boosted in the Adelaide Hills

More than 800 homes and small businesses in the Adelaide Hills with patchy mobile reception will soon be able to give themselves a signal boost for a lower cost through a new partnership between the State Government and Telstra.

The State Government is investing $748,000 in the Mobile Phone Home and Business Extension Devices Pilot Program which give those in the Adelaide Hills and Mt Barker council areas access to subsidised installation of a mobile signal boosting device.

Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development David Basham said the State Government is continuing to deliver improved connectivity for people in South Australia.

“A reliable mobile phone service makes a significant difference for families, individuals and businesses living and working outside of a major city, improving safety and opening up new economic opportunities.

People in the Adelaide Hills know the importance of connectivity, especially during crises like bushfires, and to have access to this new program will mean more reliable coverage for homes and business at a cheaper cost.

It is why we established the $10 million Mobile Phone Black Spot Fund to assist in addressing mobile phone black spots.”

Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development David Basham

Telstra’s Acting SA Regional General Manager Michael Patterson said Telstra is pleased to be partnering with the Government of South Australia to help maximise mobile connectivity for people living in the Adelaide Hills.

“Mobile coverage can be impacted by a variety of factors including the type of device being used, distance from a tower, hills and terrain, tall trees or built infrastructure,” Mr Patterson said.

“Sometimes it is not possible for a variety of technical, financial or community reasons to construct a new base station but using an external aerial and a phone booster at individual locations is a great way to improve coverage.

“As part of this program, we will provide and install an external aerial on the customer’s home or business and link it to their Telstra GO device to ensure the best coverage possible for their location. This will then provide a stronger signal for anyone on the Telstra network within range of the TGO device.

“Long term, Telstra will continue to seek to improve mobile connectivity for people living and travelling through the Adelaide Hills, but this initiative will certainly deliver new and improved coverage for Adelaide Hills residents in a much faster way and we commend the state government for introducing this program.”

Telstra’s Acting SA Regional General Manager Michael Patterson

Telstra GO Repeaters improve mobile coverage by amplifying the network signal the mobile device receives. They can help people connect to the Telstra Mobile Network from further away than normally possible, or in areas where signal may struggle to penetrate, like in the Adelaide Hills and Mt Barker councils.

Residents and business owners in the two council areas can engage with Telstra to understand the best solution for their location. They can purchase a Telstra GO Repeater, either outright or through a monthly payment option, and then apply directly to Telstra for fully subsidised installation, which will include the required antenna. Professional installation by Telstra will be mandatory to access the subsidy. The devices can only be used by customers on the Telstra Mobile Network.

Telstra will receive expressions of interest from May 2022, with installation to commence from June 2022. The pilot program is open until 30 June 2023, or when funding is exhausted.

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