Investment Attraction: China


Project snapshot


All of the Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu Peninsula

Project contact

Stephen Shotton
Regional Development Manager

Alignment with RDA strategy

  • Population growth
  • Access
  • Regional Jobs
  • Economic development

“Efficient infrastructure is essential to driving sustainable economic development and growth, lifting levels of productivity and boosting employment.  It is critical to encouraging business innovation and improving the global competitiveness of our industries.  It provides the foundation for vital community services such as schools, hospitals and housing.  It is the key to managing population growth and meeting current and future environmental challenges.  It is how high standards of living can be achieved.”

Project summary

Recognising the transformative effect that infrastructure can have on the wellbeing of a community; we intend to build on our earlier work in identifying and promoting investment opportunities throughout our region.

We hope to create an environment that engages and welcomes investors to participate in the economic and social development of the region; a region where industry is informed and the investment community that can see local opportunities.

In particular, the object is to identify a range of private and public investment opportunities; to offer assistance in preparing these to a level that attracts interest from prospective investors; to identify potential partners and collaborators both here and overseas and to provide access to information and intelligence on issues and constraints.

We will do this by creating a tool kit to help in refining the proposals; working with councils, industry groups and individual businesses; by establishing links with groups such as the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce and refining our offers to meet clear opportunities

We will develop a portfolio of public and private investment opportunities; a range of partners and collaborators here and overseas to promote these prospects; a series of visits and presentation to highlight developments, and this will be supported with a range of tools to assist proponents in preparation of proposals.

We are working with Invest SA Austrade PIRSA and a number of local financial institutions, In Asian markets we have connections with investment bankers, commercial lawyers, trade and industry groups as well as state agencies.  This project is supported by the state government and we anticipate it being our key focus for a number of years.

AsiaAustralis has been engaged by the RDA Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island (RDAHC) to prepare a South East Asian Investment Attraction Strategy for the region. The objective of this project is to develop an Investment Attraction Strategy for RDAHC with a specific focus on the following markets:

  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia
  • India
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam