Food and Healthy Ageing


Project snapshot

Alignment with RDA strategy

  • Health and wellbeing

The Food and Healthy Ageing Market Segmentation activity was a partnership between the South Australian Government and Regional Development Australia Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island (RDA). This project was part of Tapping the Demographic Dividend.

Project Summary

This project set out to further define the 60+ aged cohort so as to provide better market intelligence for the local food industry for the purpose of development or refinement of targeted food products for the older market. 
The market segmentation work was built on previous work done by the Economic Development Board of SA and the market segments identified in their Shaping the Future of SA, Ageing Well Report and Appendices (2015). 

The Food and Healthy Ageing Survey was conducted in May 2018 based on information collected in consultation with South Australian food and beverage producers, associated organisations and consumer focus groups with participants aged 60+ years. The Survey contained 43 demographic, behavioural and attitudinal questions and received 842 responses from individuals aged 60+ years. Four equally spread market segment groups were identified through Latent Class Analysis (LCA) probability modelling using 13 out of 29 variables and six attitudinal areas collected through the survey. This provided statistically relevant data that identified the four segments:

  • Isolated
  • Proactive Health Conscious
  • Reactive Health Conscious; and 
  • Disengaged

In edition to the market segments identified, 169 data tables were created providing further detail and insight into these segments and their attitudes, behaviours and purchasing choices around food. Assistance to contextualise and interpret this data may be required by business owners and others to ensure the best decisions are made for the business or industry in question.

Other services and industries may also find relevance in these market segments and accompanying data tables to inform engagement for the 60+ cohort. Recommendations have been identified to not only share this body of work with the food industry but also with other government and non-government organisations such as the Office for the Ageing, Global Centre for Modern Ageing, Home and Community Care Providers and the Community Sector.

Food and Healthy Ageing Report
Food and Healthy Ageing Report Appendix 7 (Data Tables)

For more information please contact Steve Shotton stephens(at) or call the RDA office on 08 8536 9200