Investment Attraction: Middle East and North Africa (MENA)


Project snapshot

Alignment with RDA strategy

  • Population growth
  • Economic development

Middle East Market Opportunities

AsiaAustralis has been engaged by Regional Development Australia Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island to research and recommend its Middle East Trade and Investment Strategy by undertaking a high-level analysis of international markets for products/services that firms within the RDA region are seeking to export and/or attract investment. 

Exporter Guide

The Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island produce some of the finest foods and beverages in Australia. Nestled in the Hills and Plains to the South and East of Adelaide we have the climate, topography and ingenuity that makes us such a successful region. 

We have a well-educated and growing population supporting the increased number of tourists that visit the wineries and beaches both on the mainland and Kangaroo Island. 
This growing reputation is based on a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise, being close to Adelaide enables us to export our products to the world with ease. 

We have identified that the Middle East provides a great opportunity for our producers to meet the growing demands of these booming communities. Indeed, a recent report identified food security, fresh fruit and vegetables as key products for their markets. This report identifies both technical aspects and cultural aspects with countries as diverse as The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. 

We are indebted to Veronica Corman the author of the document who is a PhD candidate at the University of Adelaide. The research skills and expertise that Veronica possesses has enabled us to channel these skills to our benefit. We would just like to thank the State Government for continuing to support our effort to increase Trade and Investment for our region. 

James Sexton, Chairman

CEO Damien Cooke attending a delegation in the Middle East