Fibre Optic Connection for Kangaroo Island

Learn how RDA AHFKI have been working with key stakeholders to help secure fibre optic cable for Kangaroo Island and the benefits it will bring.


Project snapshot


Kangaroo Island & District Council of Yankalillla

Project contact

Steve Shotton
Director of Regional Development

Alignment with RDA strategy

  • Population growth
  • Regional Jobs
  • Economic development

Connecting KI to 21st century communications

The Kangaroo Island fibre optic cable project, being delivered by SA Power Networks, is an important initiative that aims to improve the island’s internet connectivity, speed, reliability, and data capacity, to meet the evolving technological needs of the island.

It will ensure Kangaroo Island remains well-prepared for future advancements in technology, while promoting digital inclusivity and equity, so all members of the community have equal access to the benefits of the digital age.

In 2020, the Business SA Regional Voice report highlighted telecommunications coverage and digital infrastructure were among the top issues affecting business on Kangaroo Island.

At the time of the survey, Kangaroo Island had the lowest rate of NBN connection in regional SA, with only 41% of businesses connected. And those businesses who were connected had the lowest satisfaction rates of any region, with only 11% of businesses satisfied with their connection.

The existing connection from Kangaroo Island to the mainland uses micro-wave technology. It has limited capacity and is sensitive to weather conditions, resulting in poor speeds, and unreliable service and accessibility.

Increasing digital connectivity, including connecting Kangaroo Island with fibre optic cable, has been a key priority for the island, included in our Strategic Regional Plan for Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island.

Over the past few years we have worked with a range of stakeholders, such as SA Power Networks, on implementation of a fibre optic cable connection to KI, including working on funding submissions to the Regional Connectivity Program.

SA Power Networks is currently investing $7 million to deliver 15km of undersea fibre optic cable, connecting Kangaroo Island to the distribution network at Cape Jervis on the southern Fleurieu Peninsula, that will continue to run all the way to their Hackham West substation.

More reliable, high speed internet access will help Kangaroo Island residents in many different ways:

  • Businesses will be able to compete globally, enhance productivity, and boost revenues.
  • Farmers can embrace cutting-edge agricultural technology for better data collection, monitoring, diagnostics, and decision-making.
  • School students will enjoy consistent internet speeds at home, mirroring the experience they have at school.
  • Distance education students will have improved access to remote learning, facilitating skill upgrades and career changes.
  • Workers will gain greater flexibility in remote work arrangements.
  • Mobile phone providers will have the opportunity to expand service coverage and introduce new technologies like 5G, benefiting residents and businesses alike.

According to SA Power Networks Head of Corporate Affairs, Paul Roberts, the fibre optic project is scheduled for completion by July 2024.


The current subsea power cable was laid between Fishery Beach on the mainland and Cuttlefish Bay on KI in 2018. A fibre-optic cable was included in the cable with the foresight for potential future use.

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