FIFA World Cup win for RDA board member

Managing Director of Peat’s Soils and Garden Supplies, and RDA AHFKI board member, Peter Wadewitz, has landed a deal with FIFA and the Qatar Government to compost waste from the 2022 World Cup.

Peat’s Soils and Garden Supplies has been awarded a contract to supply organic composting bins (Biobins) to multiple stadiums for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar this November. The local company, with headquarters in Willunga and a production facility near Langhorne Creek, installed 20 Biobins in Qatar 6 years ago to demonstrate how they work and their suitability for managing compostable waste from large events.

The Biobins are designed to sustainably compost foods waste, organic packaging and biodegradable utensils (such as bamboo knives and forks). Instead of ending up in landfill, the bins converts waste into compost that can be used in a landscaping and agriculture to return valuable nutrients to the earth.

With the Cup held across 8 stadiums and some 2.5 million tickets sold, this will equate to thousands of tonnes of waste being recycled and converted into compost to enrich Qatar’s agricultural sector.

We’re privileged to have Peter and his innovative, solutions-driven mindset on our Board and are excited to see a local company making such a fantastic impact on the global stage.