Office workers applauding a women in suit, while standing next to a white board sign that reads: New Hire.

An Employment Recovery Plan for Adelaide South

The Local Jobs Program Adelaide South Taskforce recently finalised a new plan for the Adelaide South region taking us through to 2023.

The new plan has four priorities centred around workplaces that will help unemployed people move into employment. While Australia has not seen such low unemployment rates for some time, some people remain out of work.

Younger unemployed people, in particular, have shown signs of anxiety and stress, with the impacts of COVID knocking their confidence to engage with employment activities, study or just getting out of the house!

To address this scenario, the plan prioritises employers. The key focus will be to help employers understand and engage with a new employment market where most people are working unless there are special circumstances that need supporting.

Taking a new approach to recruitment

Employers will need to engage with potential employees in new and innovative ways. Employment activities and programs will need to explore new strategies to engage with jobseekers beyond the standard flyers and invitation.

It is expected that younger jobseekers will need to be engaged on their level, with their interests and passions in mind. They will need to be matched with employers who understand them and what they are going through in a challenging and complex world.

The Adelaide South region remains very unique amongst the 51 other regions nationwide. We are a diverse microcosm of a capital city, most of the metro coast of South Australia, the lush food production area of the Fleurieu, and the rolling hills threading together a premier tourism region for the state that also reaches as far as iconic Kangaroo Island. Representing RDA AHFKI on the Taskforce is our Regional Workforce Program Manager, Richard Scollin, who can assist with any local workforce queries you may have.