Where do you rate on a digital capability scale?

As a company, nbn™ is driven to help Australian’s lift their digital capability to enable them to live, work and learn in an increasingly digital world. But how does someone know how digitally capable they are? How do they rate against their peers? 

The new nbn Digital Capability Self-Assessment Tool takes just 5 mins for an individual to get an assessment. Whilst there will be many who will be comfortable with their result, there will be others who will want to grasp the opportunity to grow and become more digitally enabled. At the end of the questionnaire the individual will quickly be able to visualise where they fit on a rating scale guide that includes these types: 

  • Cautious Adopter – Typically someone at an early stage in developing their digital capabilities and only uses technology for very basic functions, such as sending a text message 
  • Digitally Responsive – Someone who might only engage with technology in response to a specific need or only when there are limited to no other options.
  • Pragmatist – Someone who is still developing their digital skills however they are capable of figuring things out as they are required. 
  • Problem solver – Someone who has enough knowledge of most digital capabilities to get by in everyday situations involving technology and is growing in confidence. 
  • Learner – Someone who is digitally inquisitive is skilled in some digital capabilities but often developing in select areas, and therefore is always eager to learn more.
  • Lifestyler – Someone to whom technology is seamlessly integral to everyday living. 
  • Visionary – Someone who is advanced across most digital capabilities, however, may still have more to learn in a certain area.
  • Digital leader – Someone who is highly skilled in all things digital and is constantly imagining new and inspiring ways to enhance daily tasks using technology. 

nbn have partnered with organisations such as the Good Things Foundation, eSafety Commissioner and the Australian Cyber Security Centre to provide resources within the tool that direct users to information designed to help further lift digital capability; these include how to guides, webinars and training resources. 

While digital capability in Australia continues to improve, the gap between the measured capability of Australians in regional, rural and remote Australia, compared to metropolitan areas remains too big. Insights from the tool will also be used to help nbn respond to community needs. This tool will enable nbn as well as their partners, industry stakeholders and community leaders to better understand not just what is needed to lift capability, but where that need is most acute.