SA Farm Business Management Program

Are you a drought affected primary producer? The SA Farm Business Management Program is designed to support farm businesses in drought affected areas to increase business awareness and skills, while building business resilience. 

Participants will undertake a strategic review of their business and develop a tailored business plan specific to their needs and situation. The business plan will address business risk management, identify opportunities for improvement and guide on-farm implementation. This will ensure a smooth transition from drought to recovery and back to business as usual, or better.

The 12 month program will start on 13th of July and will involve one-on-one coaching and group online sessions for drought affected producers across South Australia. 

Topics covered online include: strategic planning, benchmarking, creating and using budgets, practical steps for business resilience and drought recovery, managing risks on farm, making robust decisions and succession and management transition. 

Cost of the 12 month program: $825
The program is valued at over $7,975, with the State Government providing $7,150 on behalf of each drought affected business. 

This program is open to drought affected producers from grain, livestock or mixed businesses across SA. Please contact Pinion Advisory to see if you’re eligible. 

Places are limited. Register today to take part!
For more information or to register contact Pinion Advisory on 1300 746 466 or email