RDA Board & Staff KI Tour

Board and staff members of Regional Development Australia Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island recently toured Kangaroo Island to meet with producers and local business to see how the island is recovering from the 2019-20 bushfires.

L-R Back: Glenn Rappensberg, Sara O’Dea, John Ashcroft, Damien Cooke, Luke Gray | L-R Centre: Arabella Branson, Stephanie Wurst, Peter Buik | Front: Sue Arlidge

Connecting with local businesses on Kangaroo Island

Board and staff members of Regional Development Australia Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island recently toured Kangaroo Island to meet with producers and local businesses to see how the island is recovering from the 2019-20 bushfires.

It was a full itinerary for the board and staff members who were able to make the trip to Kangaroo Island, 28-29 April, 2022.

Day 1

SA Water Desalination Development

After arriving at Penneshaw, the first stop on the tour was to visit the SA Water desalination development project site. Regional Development Manager, Sue Arlidge and Steve Shotton, have been working with KI Council and CEO of The Cliffs, Sam Atkins, to bring the SA Water KI 2030 Water Plan forward 10 years, delivering water security to the island sooner, increasing firefighting capabilities and enabling broader economic development.

Existing desalination plant on Kangaroo Island.

Yumbah Aquaculture

David Connell showing Peter, Stephanie and Arabella operations.

Next on the tour was a visit to Yumbah Aquaculture, who has been discussing expansion plans with Sue Arlidge and the Kangaroo Island Tourism Alliance (KITA). In addition to increasing production, the facility is exploring an aqua-tourism, and education and R&D facilities, to showcase product and provide economic development opportunities in the region.

Emu Bay Lavender Farm

Sue has worked with Sophie and Eliza Sheridan from Emu Bay Lavender farm at various stages of development. It was a good opportunity for the team to stop for lunch, while checking out the new production facilities and lavender distilling.

Emily McWaters joined the Board for an in conversation and Q&A around her business, ideas to help island businesses, recent sale of The Hamper Emporiums to Maggie Beer Enterprises and her continued involvement.

Emu Bay Lavender

Lockland’s’ Pastoral

In January 2020, Lockland’s Pastoral was devastated by fire, losing all housing, infrastructure, grading plant and equipment, workshop and post-harvest gear.

Falling through the cracks for recovery funding, the team at RDA , in conjunction with Andrew Boardman from AL Assist, were able to secure funding to rebuild and replace vital plant and equipment.

Lockland’s Pastoral sorting shed.

The future vison is for the site to become a hub for the potato industry with a state-of-the-art grading plant to be installed and commissioned in 2023 as part of a Black Summer Bushfire Recovery Funded project with the Kangaroo Island Community Club.

Temporary Worker’s Accommodation – Minderoo Pods

Sue Arlidge and Peter Lock

RDA worked with government to secure an amendment to legislation, enabling temporary worker’s accommodation to be located on the Lockland’s Pastoral site.

The Minderoo Foundation, in partnership with HousingSA, have kindly provided pods to house workers on the site until the Parndana accommodation is complete.

Parndana Proposed Worker’s Accommodation Site

With funding obtained through the Black Summer Bushfire Recovery Fund and Local Economic Recovery Fund, our Regional Development Managers, Sue and Steve, have been working with KI Community Club (KICC) to help with several projects with a focus on bushfire housing recovery, including:

  1. Land sub-division and stage one development of approximately 15 residential housing blocks.
  2. Development of workers accommodation in the Parndana Caravan Park.
  3. Development of seasonal workers accommodation in the Parndana township suited to the potato and other industries.
RDA team with Cheryl May, KICC Secretary, at Parndana site for future employee accommodation.

Parndana Childcare and OSHC Site

This project has been envisioned for several years, with bushfire funding of $1.8m finally making it a possibility. Board member, Stephanie Wurst, along with a team from Parndana have come together to make this happen.

RDA and Rebekah Sharkie, are advocating for additional funds to build the Out of School Hours Care.

Stephanie talking staff and board through plans for the site.

Day 2

KI Cliffs Golf Development Site

The last site visit on this tour was the KI Cliffs Development, once again joining Sam Atkins, CEO/Director of The Cliffs and founder of Fox Gordon Wines. Sue and Sam have been working together with an aim of delivering one of the finest golf destinations, located in one of the world’s most iconic tourist destinations: Kangaroo Island.

Sue Arlidge, Sam Atkins, John Ashcroft, Luke Gray, Damien Cooke, Peter Buik, Glenn Rappensberg at The Cliffs development site.

Our ongoing commitment to all our regions

The entire board and team at RDA AHFKI continue to work closely with communities, businesses, councils and government across all our regions to create opportunities for social and economic development.

It’s exciting to see how our efforts have made a difference, and we look forward to seeing future projects progress to completion.