RAA’s Key Recommendations for South Eastern Freeway


RAA have outlined a series of key recommendations aimed at improving the safety of the South Eastern Freeway. Some of the recommendations in our region include: 

  • Investigate and plan for the construction of a third lane between Stirling and Verdun.
  • Install additional safety barriers to protect roadside hazards between Mount Barker and Monteith.
  • Extend the eastbound Stirling on-ramp by at least 100m to allow safer eastbound access to the South Eastern Freeway from Stirling and address the poor sight distance at this location.
  • Install roundabouts at the Bridgewater interchange in conjunction with a lane reduction on Carey Gully Road, in line with safe system principles. This will improve safety by reducing impact angles and conflict points. 

Explore the feasibility of installing channelised right-turn lanes to access the freeway on-ramps at the Mount Barker interchange.