VIBE Skilled Volunteering Project


Project snapshot

Project contact

Stephen Shotton
Regional Development Manager

Alignment with RDA strategy

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Skills

Following consultation and project scoping in 2016-17 the VIBE project was delivered from mid 2017 through to end of March 2018 by Southern Volunteering as part of Tapping the Demographic Dividend.

Project Summary

VIBE sought to develop the processes for the recruitment of skilled volunteers and education and promotion of skilled volunteering to community organisations. This project provided the following outcomes:

  • Almost 100% of potential candidates for the VIBE project expressed a desire to be considered for a skilled role. Those who declined did so due to ill health, had gained employment of were satisfied with existing volunteer roles;
  • Successful referrals have been given the opportunity to utilise their skills and to transfer their skills into industries where they had no previous exposure
  • Southern Volunteering has now developed the processes and staff/volunteer education in a greater understanding of the opportunities for volunteers with skills and organisations requiring skills
  • Over 30 local volunteers were referred to skilled roles across graphic design, teaching, bookkeeping and accounting, IT, nursing, editing and writing, music, Counselling and disability;

Although in principle many community organisations were enthusiastic, barrier to implementation were encountered. Reasons identified were: 

  • Confusion of what could be considered a paid vs volunteer role
  • Time constraints to develop new roles
  • Unwillingness to relinquish control of skilled work areas
  • Lack of support from higher management

Southern Volunteering continues to offer Skilled Volunteering opportunities.