Hills & Coast Business Grant 2024

The 2024 round of the Hills & Coast Business Grant aims to support the productivity and growth of manufacturing businesses through:

  • procurement of new equipment that improves productivity
  • addressing challenges and/or barriers to business growth
  • 2024 Grant Guidelines Overview

    Grant Guidelines

    1. The Fund

    The Hills & Coast Business Grant has been established by RDA AHFKI to provide funding that will be a catalyst for business establishment and growth.

    Grant amount:

    • Minimum single grant: $2,500
    • Maximum single grant: $20,000

    2. Purpose

    The 2024 round of the Hills & Coast Business Grant aims to support the productivity and growth of manufacturing businesses through:

    • Procurement of new equipment that improves productivity, and;
    • Addressing challenges and/or barriers to business growth.


    • Replacement of existing equipment that does not improve productivity.
    • New equipment solely for reducing costs (eg; solar installations or more power efficient equipment) rather than increasing productivity.
    • Furniture.
    • Standard software applications such as accounting software.
    • Marketing costs including e-commerce investments.

    The Hills & Coast Business Grant is not intended for business-as-usual projects but for cases where limited funds are restricting an ability to progress productivity and growth.

    3. Eligibility Requirements

    3.1    The proposed project must meet the Purpose of the grant outlined above.

    3.2    This grant is open to manufacturing businesses (for the purposes of this grant, a business undertaking a process of value-adding and/or the processing of raw materials or parts into finished goods) with an ABN.

    3.3    Grant funding must be matched dollar for dollar (1:1). Matched funding greater than 1:1 will be viewed favourably.

    3.4    Costs incurred prior to signing of a grant agreement are not eligible.

    3.5    Eligible expenditure is not defined but must clearly show in your application, how they are specific to your proposed project.

    3.6    Your project will benefit the economy and/or liveability of the Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu Peninsula or Kangaroo Island.

    3.7    An application from a consortium is welcome, however one organisation will need to submit the application form and be the lead party that enters into a grant agreement if successful.

    3.8    The proposed project must be completed in time to complete a project report and grant acquittal (refer Funding Agreements below)

    3.9    The following documents are mandatory application attachments:

    • Business Plan
    • Current Profit & Loss Statement
    • 2-year Financial Forecast

    3.10  Previous applicants with outstanding acquittals are ineligible to apply for this funding round.

    4. Application

    4.1    All applications must be completed using the online application form below.

    4.2    Completed applications must be submitted by: midnight, Friday 31st May 2024.

    !! Late applications will not be accepted !!

    5. Assessment of Applications

    5.1    Eligible applications will be assessed against:

    1. The Assessment Criteria in the grant application form.
    2. Completeness and quality of the application.
    3. Value (level of productivity and growth versus funding request).

    5.2    All applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application as soon as possible.

    5.3    The selection panel may, but is not obliged to, seek further information or clarification from applicants.

    5.4    All decisions are final and there is no appeal process for applicants.

    6. Funding Agreements

    6.1    Funding agreements will specify the funding provided and commit the applicant to any funding conditions including timeframes, outputs and outcomes, and matched contributions.

    6.3    The Funding agreement may contain other conditions.

    Grant Opens:Wednesday, 01 May 2024
    Grant Closes:Midnight, Friday, 31 May 2024
    Notification of Outcome:Expected by: Friday, 30 June 2024
    Project Report / Funding Acquittal:Friday, 20 December 2024

    Further Information

    Thank you to our generous corporate partners supporting the Hills & Coast Business Grant 2024: