Future Drought Fund – Drought Resilience Leaders Mentoring Program (DRLM)

In collaboration with key partners, the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation will bring together a wealth of resources, skills and experience to provide a program that is innovative, future focused and tailored to reflect region-specific issues and opportunities.

Successful participants will grow their networks, knowledge and skills with a focus on building future drought resilience – for individuals, communities, organisations and industries.

Open to farmers and other agriculture and industry professionals across Australia.

Be part of a network of mentors and mentees sharing knowledge and experience to build future drought resilience in farming enterprises and rural communities. Mentees will be paired with a mentor to explore topics relating to self-development and agricultural operations including sustainable farming practices, environment and ecosystem management, diversification, etc.

There are no geographical requirements to participate in DRLM and the program will be conducted primarily online so wherever you are in Australia, take this opportunity to invest in yourself, your business and region.