Youth Futures Summit 2022


7–9 June 2022

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Engage > Inspire > Enable > Influence

Over the last two years, the world has been devastated by the impacts of COVID-19. In Australia, we saw the highest youth unemployment and underemployment, increasing debt for young people, disruption to school and education, serious mental health challenges, and much more.

But one thing is clear, none of these issues are new. We needed to come together to confront our generation-defining struggles and create a vision for life beyond the pandemic.

The Youth Futures Summit is a virtual event that brings together thousands of people from across multiple and diverse sectors and communities to:

  • Engage in the biggest issues impacting young people,
  • Inspire ideas and actions for change,
  • Enable meaningful opportunities to learn, grow and connect with others,
  • Influence the systems and structures that impact us all.

Event Details

Date:7-9 June 2022
Venue: Online
Time: Dependent on individual sessions booked
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