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Discover how Community Upskill can help you develop the skills and know-how to strengthen your messaging and build the success of your organisation.

About the Community Upskill Program

Practical outcomes

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Who Community Upskill has been designed for

Did you know that at least 1 in 4 people in our region volunteer?*

We love that so many people in our region are part of a volunteer/community group, local club or other not-for-profit organisation.

And we know how much time and dedication it can take to manage administration, memberships, build awareness, and find donors and sponsors to achieve your goals.

Our Community Upskill workshop series has been designed to help you:

    ✓   make better use of your time
    ✓   be more effective at planning and delivering outcomes
    ✓   create stronger connections with your community
    ✓   become better at finding and securing funding and sponsorships
    ✓   build stronger relationships with funding partners

Practical outcomes from Community Upskill workshops

By mastering the skills of collaboration, planning, and fundraising, your group can continue to grow and deliver benefits to your community and members.

Here’s how Community Upskill can help your group achieve real-word results:

  • Sporting clubs – identify opportunities for sports programs, sponsorships, and facility and equipment upgrades to engage and retain athletes.
  • Men’s sheds – gain the skills to engage with more men in your community and find funding opportunities for shed expansions, equipment upgrades and outreach events. 
  • Art groups – build a stronger community presence by learning collaboration strategies, skills to plan, fund and execute exhibitions and installations, and how to find and secure funding for art projects.
  • RSLs – develop strategies to find funding and build community support for veteran’s welfare and services, as well as commemorative events and installations.
  • Youth groups – learn how to collaborate with relevant support organisations, secure funding for development programs, equipment, resources, and engage with youth in your region.

No matter what goals your community group has, Community Upskill will help you develop the skills and know-how to strengthen your messaging and build the success of your organisation.

Book a Community Upskill workshop:

Our Community Upskill workshops are designed to be flexible and give you all the skills you need, without doubling up on the things you already know.

You can book in for all workshops, attend individual workshops to fill gaps in your existing knowledge, or send different people from your organisation to whichever workshop/s best meet your group’s needs.

Working Together
for Better Outcomes

Having effective meetings
and developing partnerships

Wednesday | 01 November 2023

Gaining Resources
and Funding

Identifying funding sources
and applying for funds

Wednesday | 15 November 2023

Getting Things Done

Effective planning for activities,
projects and fundraising


Saturday | 02 DEC 2023

VENUE: Strathalbyn Lutheran Hall, 2 Commercial Road, Strathalbyn

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea included!

PLEASE NOTE: places are limited to organisations located within our region of the Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island.

Only 25 spaces are available for each workshop. Book early to avoid missing out.

Limited Offers!

We’re delighted to offer the following limited offers to make these workshops more accessible to eligible organisations across our region:

KI Travel Reimbursement

10 x $300 travel reimbursements valued at $3,000

Residents on Kangaroo Island who wish to attend any workshop are eligible for a travel reimbursement of $300.

Travel reimbursements will be granted to FIRST 10 eligible bookings for KI return travel costs.

Limited to 1 per individual and 2 per community group. Travel receipts must be retained as proof of travel to qualify.

Ticket Reimbursement

6 x $33 tickets valued at $198

Residents of Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu Peninsula and Kangaroo Island are eligible to go into the draw to the have purchase price of their ticket reimbursed.

Winners drawn Monday, 04 December 2023 once all workshops have been delivered.

Limited to 1 per individual, or 2 per community group.

* Source: ABS Census 2021